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US Based

Golden, Colorado


About Us

Elite Land buyer is a family run investment and management company specializing helping you sell your property fast, for cash.

Our Story

We make selling property an easy and hassle-free experience for property owners that no-longer want to deal with the burden of ownership. We pay cash, close quickly, and cover all closing costs, title fees, recording charges, and back taxes.


Our goal is to eliminate the hassles of the typical real estate sales process. Because we are not Real Estate agents wanting to simply add your property to the MLS and then sit around an wait to see if anyone bites, we can eliminate the costs typically passed on to the seller, eliminate the usual 4 person game of telephone, and greatly reduce all of the complicated paperwork. Instead, you get an offer, down to the penny, letting you know exactly how much you would be depositing into your bank and we typically close in two weeks or less!